FOOTBALL fans watching the Euros at home put the national power grid to the test when they collectively rushed to pop the kettle on at the same time.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks saw a huge spike in electricity demand which was the equivalent of making over 320,000 cups of tea during the 15-minute half-time break of the England vs Denmark semi-final.

The 102MVA jolt saw the total amount of electricity required surge from 2,957MVA to 3,059MVA.

This is the equivalent of boiling 40,800 full kettles, or making 326,400 cups of tea, or using 68,000 hairdryers.

A spokesman for the distribution network operator for central southern England said: "SSEN invests in its electricity network to ensure its critical infrastructure remains resilient during unusual and special events."

The company is no doubt expecting and preparing for a similar stress test during the tournament's final on Sunday evening.

Kick-off is at 8pm.