STUDENTS at a Stratton school got a taste of the world of work and started planning for their own futures with the help of a careers fair.

For the first time, Kingsdown School hosted three days of talks, stalls and in-person or virtual skills workshops for all of its students - even the Year 11s who left three weeks ago.

Expos for employment and training, further education and higher education gave the teenagers a good idea of what awaited them after they left the classroom.

Representatives of a mixture of employers, colleges and universities from around Swindon and beyond visited the school to chat to the different year groups about what they offer, including the emergency services, armed forces, and companies in the construction, IT, education, nursing and childcare industries.

Strategic lead Bertie Lees said :“Having a culture of high aspirations is so important to us and giving young people wonderful experiences that will inspire and motivate them in their education is what this event is all about.

"I am so grateful to all of the professionals who have supported this event, it has opened up conversations at school and with parents and carers at home about aspirations for the future.

"I am so proud of our young people for having such big dreams for their future”.

Careers coordinator Barbara Parry said: “These collaborative days are packed with exciting and memorable learning and development opportunities for our students, across all year groups and will provide them all with strong foundations for their future development.

"This is very much a team effort with the full support of our SLT and external partners.”

Headteacher Emma Leigh-Bennett added: “Raising aspirations amongst our students is a key part of our championing for our students.

"Our students have gained so many insights into such exciting and aspirational opportunities for their futures.

"There has been total engagement from our students from year 7 to 11 inclusively.

"I am incredibly proud and indebted to my team who have planned, resourced and implemented such an amazing day that literally changes lives.”