A TEENAGER being threatened with isolation for wearing fake eyelashes at school generated a lot of discussion among Adver readers.

Chelsea Silk, 14, got into trouble with staff at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy for having the fashion accessories then returned to school with them on despite the warning.

Her mum called the rules "pathetic" - here's what our readers thought.

Jeff Amies: "Schools simply want to churn out clones of children who do as they’re told without question and have no free thought what so ever.

"Demanding such pointless guidelines further feeds into that. The schooling system in this country is an absolute disgrace."

Jennie Fellowes: "No school would allow [fake eyelashes]. If they aren’t part of the policy for uniform just wear them outside of school times. Schools have got far bigger things to be dealing with."

Lesley Hall: "When I was at school, we weren't allowed to have our hair dyed let alone wear make up. I'm with the school on this."

Jacob Allinson: "Why does a 14 year old girl need false eyelashes? Why does anyone need false eyelashes?"

Karly Brace: "I’m sorry but you know the school policy, so why think you are above everyone by breaking it?

"Just simply go into school how your supposed to dress and leave the glam for outside the gates! There shouldn’t be a debate! Just take them off and get yourself an education!"

Lowrie Chellem: "I would be a bit worried if my kid felt they needed to wear false eyelashes (or false anything for that matter) to school, to boost their self esteem."

Andy Reeves: "Schools are there to prepare kids to be adults. Fine, let kids wear and do what they want at school - they’ll soon have a culture shock when they arrive in the workplace!

"Focus on exams, not eyebrows."

Paul Oscroft: "In my own private time I’m a stereotypical biker - I ride a big black snarling American cruiser, I have a beard and tattoos and a leather jacket - I look like an extra from Sons of Anarchy.

"But in the office I’m a boring middle aged man in a boring grey suit and tie. We all have to learn about the unwritten rules and about which we then choose to break - and the consequences of doing so. The school has it right."

Amy Francis: "Regardless of whether you agree with them, rules are rules and policies are easily accessible.

"If the school let this one slide, you will have hoards of children wanting to test the rules and boundaries. Then where does it stop?"

Sonia Watts: "I'm not with the school I think schools these days go overboard. As long as they behave and work hard who cares.

"Sometimes teenagers work harder when they feel more comfortable with what they wear."

Fred Alves: "Freedom of expression... gone!"

Marc Cowan: "Stick to the rules or see the consequences. Whether you like the rules or not, regardless of how “pathetic” they are."

Pete Cox: "This could be the difference between a young girls confidence and her feeling low self esteem.

"Like it or not, she’s not doing any harm whatsoever and probably feels more confident wearing them!"

Debbie Saunders: "We were not even allowed make up at school and if caught wearing it had to scrub it off. Rules are rules and these kids need to learn this."

Lynda Tremblin: "You choose a school, you know the rules. Rules are always for a reason whether you like, agree or disagree but it makes the world go round and a safer place."