SWINDON Town owner Lee Power has confirmed he will transfer the remaining shares to Clem Morfuni once EFL approval is given and Axis pay the £200,000 price.

In a wide-ranging interview with national radio station TalkSPORT, Power also said that although he is no longer prepared to fund the club while the protracted sale process drags on, he is sure Swindon will “definitely survive” as there is more than one party who wants to buy it.

Town’s owner was questioned by TV presenter Jim White and former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan on Friday morning, with the pair pressing for answers on a variety of questions.

The radio duo enquired about how much Power was asking for and if he had tried to sell to anyone else before being ordered to sell to Axis. The 49-year-old said he was asking for £200,000 – a figure he believes to be “not significant” – and that he had tried to sell the club to Able 18 months ago for £7.5 million.

Turning his attention to his potential buyer, Power went on to say he has abided the court order from the get-go and that he had expected the deal to have been completed by now.

The Lewisham-born owner then said he will not transfer the shares until he has received his money and Morfuni has passed his relevant tests.

Presuming there to be a problem on the EFL’s side with Morfuni’s Fit and Proper persons test, Power said he does not believe the proof of funds that was sent over by Axis will be enough to competently run the football club before saying: “but that’s up to the EFL to decide.”

Power was also asked whether his legal team had been contacted by prospective owner Clem Morfuni since a High Court judge ordered the former to sell to the latter near the end of last month.

The 49-year-old said he had not and that the reason the sale has not gone through yet was not his fault as he is not blocking the deal in any way. The Town owner also said he had been denied access to the £300,000 that Axis had been ordered to make available for the running of the club.

Power finished his interview by confirming he has debentures on Swindon Town that have been there for “the best part of eight years” and that Axis are apparently aware of them – something the current owner says the buying party will be obligated to take care of when they take over.