HUNDREDS took to the streets of Swindon as the annual Go Fest event for the popular mobile game Pokémon Go took place around the globe. 

The event took place over two days on Saturday and Sunday and saw players out and about in various hotspots around Swindon. 

Brad Wolfy said, “It was awesome. Went around most of Swindon and made some new friends. Grange Drive Field and Coate Water were probably the best place for walking around.”

Swindon Advertiser: Genevieve Aylott sporting a Pikachu hat for Go FestGenevieve Aylott sporting a Pikachu hat for Go Fest

Another player, Jenni Hewitt, said on Saturday: “I’m loving it so far. I don’t usually have much luck with ‘shinies’ (rare finds) but I’ve managed to get some.”

Other Swindon enthusiasts went slightly further afield, with Genevieve Aylott travelling to Bristol with her partner, Richard Ashton. 

She said: “I’m from Swindon, but in Bristol for the event and it’s been pretty good! We haven’t seen anyone else we know from Swindon but a few said they were heading over.”

Pokémon Go has led to the creation of many local communities where players help each other and form friendship groups. Swindon has its own 2,900-strong group where players share tips, help each other, make friends and have fun. 

As of January this year, there are over 272,000 people in the UK playing the game.