Double STFC vision

I saw the picture of the new Swindon FC owner Clem Morfuni, on the Town website and at first I thought it was Paolo Di Canio. They’d make a great double act, surely!

Roger Foord



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Attack on democracy

The Elections Bill will allow ministers to define and curtail campaigning, could make coordinating opposition an offence, and permits political meddling in the Electoral Commission.

A free election is one where unaffiliated organisations, charities and even the person on the street can be part of the debate. And where independent groups like Best for Britain, can provide voters with information on parties and their policies.

By putting restrictions on campaigning and cross-party co-operation, this bill would privatise elections and stifle opposition. It is an attack on the foundations of our democracy.

Tony Martin

Calvert Road


Importance of sleep

The past months have been difficult for all of us but for people with diabetes and other long-term conditions, it has been especially difficult.

It has also been an anxious time for people with diabetes for several reasons, for example because they have been unable to have their routine health checks.

This can result in difficulty sleeping.

Many of us have the odd restless night and although it may leave us feeling tired and irritable the next day, it does not have the negative impact that long-term disturbed or poor quality sleep has on our health.

Most of us need between seven and nine hours' sleep per night and getting more or less than these amounts can cause of a range of health problems, some of which are more serious than others.

They can include sleep apnoea, heart disease, obesity, stress and depression.

The InDependent Diabetes Trust has published a new booklet, Diabetes – The Importance of Sleep, which discusses the benefits of improving the quality of sleep, how to get more sleep and also change their habits to try to make longer term improvements.

The booklet also discusses Restless Leg Syndrome, a common disorder that can affect anyone and causes people to want to move their legs, again this can lead to long sleepless nights.

We would like your readers to know that we can help them to learn more about their diabetes and sleep and how to look after themselves through our free our booklets.

All our booklets are free, so we hope you will let your readers know that we can help.

They can obtain copies of Diabetes – The Importance of Sleep and any of our other booklets by contacting IDDT: telephone 01604 622837 or email:

Jenny Hirst



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