A FURTHER 108 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Swindon.

According to the government's daily update, which was delayed and published at one minute before midnight on Sunday morning, there have been 992 positive Covid-19 test results recorded around the borough in the last seven days.

This is 101 more than the week before - a rise of 11 per cent.

As of July 19, Swindon's infextion rate stands at 519.4 cases per 100,000 population.

A further 71 people received their first coronavirus vaccine dose while 175 people received their second. So far, 159,604 first doses have been given in Swindon as well as 117,492 second doses.

Another 11 patients with Covid symptoms were admitted to Great Western Hospital, adding to the total of 35 over the last seven days - which is 13 (59 per cent) more than the week before.

Nationally, there were 31,795 new coronavirus cases and 86 new deaths of people with the disease recorded.