ONE of Swindon's three Wetherspoons pubs is up for sale - and Adver readers say it's another blow for the town centre.

The Sir Daniel Arms in Fleet Street is one of seven pubs in the country handed over to agents Savills and CBRE by owner J D Wetherspoon.

The pub chain will still run The Savoy and the Dockle Farmhouse and will continue to manage The Sir Daniel Arms until a buyer is found.

Here's what Adver Facebook followers said when we broke the news...

Mark Griffiths: “The redevelopment of that whole area in the 2000s into pub/club land has proven a disaster from start to finish. Take a look at it now. Almost an entire street of shabby, rundown, vacant buildings.”

Sam Chaney: “The entire town centre is an embarrassment compared to surrounding towns and cities. Where has it gone so wrong SBC? When you’d rather jump on a train and go for a beer or shopping outside of what’s on your doorstep it’s a pretty poor show!”

Andrew Barber: “Why would they want to stay? Why would anyone? The town centre is dead. Everyone who goes there complains about it. Is it a good thing? SBC will not do anything to sort out the town centre until it gets as bad as it’s going to, because they’re entirely reactive."

Michael Stack: “Bad news for the people who go there or work there. I don’t think it will garner much interest.”

Patrick Connolly: “I would say bad news, it’s the only thing that attracts people to that part of town so will have a knock on effect for local takeaways and other boozers as there will be less footfall in the area.”

Dave Vincent Grainger: “Interesting, this one is up for sale compared to The Savoy as Sir Dan's has more outside space.”

Lee Kramer: “First date here about seven years ago. She is now my wife – let us know when the closing down party is.”

Justine Hamilton: “Why would they do that? Most of the clubs are closed and everyone has pre drinks in Sir Dan’s.”

Neil Stevens: “Obviously bad. People losing their jobs.”

Ian McCarthy: “Join the numerous bars/clubs downtown that have been shut, empty and derelict for years.”