SWINDON Town sold 297 season tickets on Monday as the club launched its ‘Race to 6K’ campaign.

Season tickets were only able to be purchased or renewed in person and in full at the club shop as the new-look administration battles to fix a number of logistical issues left by previous owner Lee Power.

Town opened the advanced ticket windows from 9am-5pm on Monday to allow as many people as possible to purchase their new tickets. The club then extended that time frame until 7pm on Tuesday as the demand continued despite inclement weather in Wiltshire.

On Tuesday lunchtime, a socially-distanced queue stretched along the back of the Town End as fans continued to clammer for the slightly-discounted season tickets.

Town CEO Rob Angus was delighted with how sales are progressing and thanked everyone who has bought a season ticket so far.

He said: “We’re really pleased with the number of tickets sold on the first day, and we’re working really hard to get the online option up and going too.

“We made sure the windows at the County Ground stayed open until 7pm on Tuesday, and we’re trying to get the online system up as soon as we can.

“The queues are a really great sign, and we’re just really keen to see people supporting the team and getting behind the rebuild.”

Should the club hit its target of selling 6,000 season tickets, owner Clem Morfuni says every home game will feature “a random draw for a once-in-a-lifetime, free “Director for the day” experience, including four free tickets.”

The club also say a full refund from last year will be available for anyone who would like one, though refunds will not be available to be paid immediately due to “various inherited financial issues.”