This was the scene more than four decades ago as hundreds queued outside the Savoy cinema in Regent Street to see John Travolta and Olivia Newton John sing and dance their way through the hit high school musical Grease.

It was 1978 - the year movie star Charlie Chaplin's coffin was stolen from its resting place near Lausanne, Switzerland and later found, Prime Minister James Callaghan announced the Lib-Lab pact was over and Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov died after he was stabbed with an umbrella tipped with poison as he walked over Waterloo Bridge.

The cinema, then under the EMI badge, later became part of the Canon organisation. But eventually shut as multiplexes built out of the centre of town became more popular.

It's thought the last films screened there were Godfather III, Three Men and a Little Lady and Green Card. It's now a Wetherspoons pub.