A MUM who struggled with her own mental health during the pandemic is doing her bit to help others going through same thing.

Jazmine Watkins, from Pinehurst, is offering free self-care packages containing bath bombs, candles, cookies, and other treats to support the community.

The 27-year-old said: “I was struggling with my own mental health, and obviously I could see other people were as well. I noticed that people were offering self-care packages but on a price range which is not open for everyone.

“So, I just sat there one evening, and I thought ‘you know what, I’m just going to start offering self-care packages’. So I started contacting local businesses to donate.”

Jazmine received donations and purchased a few items out of her own pocket to provide a range of items for each person.  “A lot of companies donated bath bombs, I’ve had cake makers donate cookies, brownies and cupcakes just to bring a smile on someone’s face. I’ve set up an Amazon Wishlist which I’ve set up and my friends and family have been purchasing off that – just stationary stuff that we need and also because some people like colouring.

“I’m trying to reach Swindon community, but also the surrounding areas.”

She has been working with Pinetrees Community Centre to promote her initiative and support as many people as possible. “They have got a poster up in their reception, and I’m actually getting a stall when they reopen. So, then all the community knows that it’s there if they ever need help, just something to boost their mood.”

Jazmine will be making 22 packages for Women’s aid refuge this week.

She started offering free packages two months ago and she said she had an amazing response from the community. “They’ve had me in tears. I’ve been emotional. A lady was struggling that day and I gave her a self-care package and she cried on me with happiness.”

“I’ve had a lot of messages saying it made their day and it brought a smile to their face. I’ve had a very good response to that.”

The mum of two daughters aged eight and five, said she struggled with depression, and anxiety due to previous experiences of domestic violence and her five-year-old having epilepsy.

She is a full-time carer for her daughter and is unable to work. “I’ve experienced extreme depression where I just wasn’t myself and didn’t communicate with anyone,” she said, “When I struggled with my mental health a few treats like chocolate sweets, a nice bath bomb, candles, even colouring books were uplifting.”

To get a bag, people can message Jazmine on her Facebook page SHARE the VIBE.