Symbol of Swindon, and a test of nerve for visitors, the Magic Roundabout is now into its 50th year.

But its history goes back much further, and it has, in a way, just celebrated its 83rd birthday.

It was on August 15, 1938, according to Twitter user John Ratcliffe, that a roundabout was opened at the end of County Road on the edge of the town centre.

That simple traffic island was later redeveloped in 1972 into the constellation of six min-roundabouts circling an anti-clockwise central island.

The original roundabout was built on a bridge over a section of the Swindon wharf of the Wilts and Berks Canal.

The redesigned junction in 1972 was originally called County Islands, but the popularity at the time of the children's TV show Magic Roundabout meant the colloquial name stuck and was officially adopted in the 1980s

The National Co-operative Highway Research programme said the design, which means traffic flows, but slowly, cuts serious crashes by three-quarters compared to other designs.