Help with getting finances under control is likely to be needed more than ever as the country comes out of the Covid pandemic, says a debt centre.

Despite the financial impact Christians Against Poverty has been continuing to help more people out of debt.

“We knew that CAP Debt Help was needed in our area, before the pandemic but it seems that as we emerge from the lockdown we’ll still be needed more than ever," said Kathryn Ford, manager of the centre at Highworth.

“Struggling with unmanageable debt causes so much worry and anxiety, so to help people go from this towards a future filled with hope where they feel in control of their finances is truly amazing. It’s why we do what we do.

She said: "There’s no better job than to see people feel like they can be happy and free again after going through so much stress and worry often built up over years.

“There are still many more people to help though, so while we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate each and every person who has made it to the other side of debt we want everyone else who may still be struggling to know that we are here to help them completely free of charge too.”

One of the centre's clients said: “Without CAP I think I would probably be dead. I went from not being able to eat every day to saving for a house."

“For about two years I’d been getting debt letters and I’d been ignoring them. For so long I kept putting it off due to my mental health. I was in a really bad relationship – my partner took out a lot of debts in my name.

“Before CAP I was eating one meal a day. Now I’m eating three meals a day and three healthy snacks. It’s not just changed my life, it’s changed my whole mindset of income and the way money works. It’s fine now! It’s all done," she said.

“Now I’m aware of how much money I actually have coming in. The first thing I do when I get my money is pay my rent and make sure my bills are paid – then I put money aside for next week’s food. I’m left with money before payday and that goes into saving."

CAP is a charity that works with churches to provide debt counselling, money management education, job clubs and life skills groups.

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