FESTIVALGOERS have had their say after Live at Lydiard made its long-awaited debut on Saturday.

After a year's delay because of the pandemic, music fans at Swindon's newest festival enjoyed performances from a range of acts, including Anne-Marie, Clean Bandit and Joel Corry.

A thunderstorm saw the crowd of up to 10,000 evacuated to the car park early in the evening before the show was allowed to continue.

Adver readers shared their views on our Facebook page.

Kirsty Louise Mills: “It was amazing! I’m seven months pregnant and was determined to make it through the night despite the weather. 

“It was handled well and I had an amazing, safe time.”

Terri Self: “It was okay, apart from being charged £11 to park our cars.”

Steph Owen: “Great day! The VIP stand should have been at the front of the stage but VIP queues and toilets were so worth it.”

Carrie Baldwin: “Brilliant day! Absolutely loved it.”

Bev Rawlings: “Yeah, great day – brilliant organisation, nothing could be done about the weather.”

Tasha Blackwell: “It was an amazing day. Only thing I would say is they could of had more toilets.”

Linda Mitchell Akehurst: “Was an OK festival. MFor was definitely much better organised music-wise.

“It seemed all over the place with the music, but the toilets and drinks were definitely better than MFor.

“Definitely agree they got most right, but was gutted to be torn between missing acts. That ruined it.”

Della Jay: “Everything was better than MFor or apart from the music. Joel Corry was amazing though and the only person I watched.

“He was great, can’t fault him at all, the dance tent was great fun.

“I was gutted there wasn’t a like pulled pork van like MFor.”

Carrie Newman: "Had an amazing time despite the storms."

Neil Stevens: “No live music. Just a glorified disco with some famous karaoke singers.”

Lisa D Cox: “I was not very impressed with the so-called VIP element. 

“Nowhere did it say you have access at side of the stage. 

“The only VIP toilets were right in the corner by main stage, maybe a set near dance tent would have been a good idea. 

“At one point the VIP bar queue was bigger than the actual queue... I understand supply and demand.

“I just hope some lessons can be learnt for next year. Otherwise, well done Jack and team. Under the circumstances you did a great job. It was great for re-uniting and making memories."

Dave Vincent Grainger: “Sounds like it was well planned and organised!”

Rob Grey: “It was a brilliant day! Great to see thousands of people enjoy themselves despite the weather."

Steve Goddard: “People moaning about the VIP area... let’s remember this was in Swindon.”

Joanne Scott: “All good minus the weather.”

Beverley Ody: “My daughter went and loved it even in the rain.”

Sarah Sharpe: “Wouldn’t waste my money, would rather watch paint dry.”

Richard Appels: “Just another spreader event – thank you council.”

Ranee Fancey: “Oh, is the worldwide pandemic over then ? Sheesh!”

Kimberly Hale: “It’s amaaaazing!”

Ellen Rusling: “Fantastic event even in the rain.”