SWINDON rapper EMZ is hoping to follow in S1mba’s footsteps by becoming the next artist from the town to hit the big time.

The rapper has more than 50,000 views on his YouTube channel.

S1mba became famous with the hit song Rover (featuring DTG) and 16-year-old EMZ says the music scene in Swindon deserves a higher profile.

He said: “It’s getting there but Swindon has got nowhere near the recognition that it deserves at the moment for the rap scene. We’ve got to get it on the map.

“S1mba’s doing well for himself, he’s came out of Swindon, but there’s loads of underrated artists, we need the recognition.

“I’ve got a couple of local collaborations on the way from Swindon, but I’m not releasing the name yet.”

EMZ’s most popular song on his channel, PAIN, has 20,000 views and the artist spoke about his next steps.

He said: “I want to blow up, I want to be doing what I love.

“Keep pushing my music because I haven’t got as much recognition as I want at the moment.

“I know what I want in the future but I’m living in the present at the moment.

“It means a lot that people support me.”

“I like that feeling, it gives me a rush.”