New system at tip causing delays

The saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” came to mind on my visit to the Barnfield Tip today.

Having not seen a queue since Covid struck and always been greeted in all winds and weathers by friendly staff, what did I see today?

A queue no less. The QR reader entry system with automated barrier was in operation! There was still the need of a staff member to be in attendance to sort out any problem and override the new system. There was me thinking that the council was struggling for money!

Malcolm Alexander

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No need for expensive Covid testing

I would like to say I support the comments from Ryan McCoy and Tracey Patterson re: Mixed views as self-isolation rules ease next week. (SA, August 14).

It is time to let us live as normal.

Get rid of these expensive testing when you return from your holiday.

If you have had the two vaccinations it should not be a problem to travel without having to go through all the expensive stupid testing.

Mrs E Edwards


Help for children as new term gets under way

Children can find the start of the school year a real challenge, which is why Barnardo’s has created a workbook to help them through the first few weeks of term. 

  The Change Challenge booklet contains easy to follow exercises, aimed at children aged from five to 11 to help them deal with the change of going to a new school or new class.

And it also helps them to develop a plan for a successful start by identifying the things that make them feel good, the tricky things that can have a negative impact on their wellbeing, and the people who can help them. 

  The workbook is designed to be used during the first eight weeks of term with a short reflective session each week, writing down what has helped them, what has been tricky and who has helped them. 

  There are also ideas to support them when they come across difficult challenges in the future. 

  Starting a new class or going to a new school is often a nerve-wracking experience for children.

After the last 18 months when much of it was spent in lockdown and lessons took place online, some children will be more apprehensive than normal. 

   I hope the workbook will be useful not just for them to work through with their teachers in the classroom but also something children can do at home with their parents and carers.

The workbook is free to download at the Barnardo’s Education Community site: 

Sarah Crawley,

Director, Barnardo’s South West