MEAD Way will be closed for many more weeks while work to refurbish the road is completed.

A new public notice issued by Swindon Borough Council has put in place a traffic order for an extension of the road closure which lasts 18 months.

The £4 million road-widening project in West Swindon began in March 2020 and was only supposed to last 20 weeks but it remains incomplete 18 months later, with an estimated overspend of £700,000.

The new deadline of September 23 is fast approaching and there are fears that date will be missed as well.

But the council has clarified that its new notice does not mean the closure itself will actually last another 18 months, but this time period is the window in which the work can be completed.

A spokesman said that once Openreach completes its works on the site, the contractor can get on with completing the second stretch of the road before drivers are allowed onto it again.