The parents and carers of children who are starting or moving schools next September should apply for their preferred place now.

Parents of children born between September1 2010 and August 31 2011, who are entering secondary school next year, have seven weeks until October 31 this year to submit their preferences.

Meanwhile, parents of children born between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018 who are entering primary school, will have until  January 15 next year to submit their school preferences.

The same deadline applies to children who are moving up from infants school to junior school next September – those children will have a birth date between September 2014 and August 2015.

An application for a place at a junior school must be made – a child will not qualify automatically for a place at a school even if they attend a junior school’s linked infants school.

Councillor Tim Swinyard, Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for levelling up, communities and place, said: “It’s time for parents who have children entering primary, junior or secondary school in September 2022 to start thinking about what school they want their child to attend.

“Each child is entitled to three different school choices and it’s really important parents use all of the preferences available to them, as this maximises their child’s chances of being allocated one of their preferred schools.

“We have an excellent selection of schools in Swindon, with great Ofsted ratings, easy transport links and fantastic exam results. We’d encourage all parents to consider a local school when applying for their child’s school place.”

Last year 96 per cent of applicants to primary schools were given their preference and 87 per cent of secondary school applicants were allocated their first choice.
Putting down a second and third choice of school on the application is a wise move, in case the first choice school is oversubscribed.

Applications submitted after the deadline has passed will be allocated a school place after all other applications have been considered. Late applicants are unlikely to be placed in their preferred school.

Those with children entering secondary school will be informed about the outcome of their application on March 1 and those with children entering primary or junior school on April 19 2022. More information is available at