Jamie Oliver will have the first episode of his new cooking show air tonight on Channel 4.

The programme – called Jamie Oliver: Together – will see Oliver cooking meals for frontline workers who helped support the nation through the pandemic.

The chef launched his new cookbook of the same name earlier this month, and will be preparing recipes from his publication in the show.

In a tweet promoting the show that gave a look to the behind the scenes, Oliver described its essence as “the idea of having people around your house” and that being more special than it was last year.

He said: “It’s about not just the food, but how you serve the food as a family.

“And at the same time for the first time ever I’ve invited complete strangers into my home.

“We’ve got teachers, we’ve got doctors, nursery teachers, midwives, volunteers.

“I know it’s only a small handful of people that represents millions, but it feels right, it feels a pleasure and I’m certainly grateful for all of them for what they’ve done for us,” he added.

Here’s all the information you’ll need to know about the programme.

How can I watch Jamie Oliver: Together?

The programme will be airing on Channel 4 from September 13, from 8pm to 9pm.

How many episodes of Jamie Oliver: Together will there be?

There will be four episode in total, with new episodes airing on Monday at 8pm for the three subsequent weeks following the first episode.

What recipes will be shown in the first episode?

Oliver teased on his Twitter that he would be putting together his Summery Feast in the first episode of the show.

It can be found on page 154 in his cookbook.