This is the stunning moment a baby monkey hugged its mum as the primate destroyed a family car at a safari park.

Footage shows the brazen animal sitting on the bonnet and ripping apart the car's windscreen washers as the infant clings on.

Mum-of-three Charlotte Wilson, 38, had treated her family to a trip to Longleat Safari Park in Warminster during the August bank holiday weekend.

The family were driving through the tourist attraction at around midday when a family of monkeys suddenly jumped onto their car.

Charlotte grabbed her phone to record the ambush while telling her husband to squirt the windscreen wipers in a bid to get them off the vehicle.

But rather than be frightened off by the jets, the cheeky monkeys decided to drink from washers before deciding to tear them from the car bonnet.

Teacher Charlotte, from Swindon, said: "The funny this was we were moaning about how the monkeys weren't paying us any attention.

"Then, all of a sudden, a whole gang of them climbed up on top of the car.

"They were all there for about 15 minutes and that gave them just enough time to try and rip the car apart.

"There were so many people in front we were just driving at a snail's pace so the only thing we could do was put the windscreen washers on.

"They must have been thirsty as it didn't get them away, they just tried to drink it.

"Also I'd like to point out it was just water in there.

"There wasn't any screenwash so it's not a case of us trying to poison them.

"They actually managed to dislodge the piping while they were pulling on it.

"Luckily my husband works in the car trade so we were able to fix it pretty quick."

The footage was filmed on August 30 2021 and is a fun reminder of a day out the Wilsons will never forget.