A MOTHER is honouring her daughter’s memory by selling mementoes to help other grieving parents cope with the loss of their babies.

Chantel MacGough created Amelia Grace Precious Makes this year after her daughter Amelia was stillborn in 2019.

“Being a stay at home mum, I wanted to do something for my children at home and also something to honour Amelia in Heaven," she said.

“I noticed that the market for baby loss items isn’t a big one, but I also know they can be expensive.

“I wanted to make items cheap and good for people to honour their babies and family in Heaven, but also their family and children here on earth.”

Ten per cent of what she receives for her precious makes, engraved items and gifts is donated to baby loss charities.

Chantel, 24, said: “I love supporting people. I will do anything I can to support anyone.

“Especially people that have been through what I have.

“I had little support from professionals when I first lost Amelia," she said.

“All I had was family and friends. If I can be there and support anyone in any way then I will.

“It’s not just about sales for me. It’s about honouring someone's child who I know they miss dearly.

“Honouring someone’s baby they didn’t know the gender or name of. Honouring someone’s mum, nan, dad, grandad who’s passed away.

“All I want is for Amelia Grace to be remembered and honoured in anyway possible.”

Customers can contact Chantel through the Facebook group Amelia Grace Precious Makes.