Adam Woodyatt has become a Swindon mainstay over the years thanks to his frequent panto appearances and the Eastenders star is back on the Wyvern Stage this week, swapping the sparkly affair of panto with something altogether more thrilling.

The actor will playing a lead character in the Peter James crime novel stage adaptation of 'Looking Good Dead'

"I’m playing Tom Bryce, businessman, husband, father," he said.

"He tries to do a good thing but it goes badly wrong. It's one of those things that if you were watching you'd be thinking ''don’t do it,' but he does. he finds a memory stick, looks at what's on it and it all unravels."

"Starring in a Peter James play is always something I've wanted to do ever since I saw how much fun Shane [Ritchie]had doing them, he's been a good mate for over thirty years and so I quite fancied doing it.

"Plus my dad was a police officer, so it has that element for me as well."

When asked what theatre-goers could expect with 'Looking Good Dead' the soap stalwart replied

"The best quote we’ve seen so far is 'more twists and turns than an Olympic gymnast' which describes it perfectly."

Adam will be starring alongside fellow soap actor Gaynor Faye, who plays his wife in the show.

"She’s absolutely fantastic,we have such fun, each day we find different little bits of nuance that either stay in for the following day or we change again."

Woodyatt also added that he was happy to be back in Swindon to perform on the Wyvern stage once again

"Bizarrely yes, it really is great to be back, I’ve been looking forward to getting back to it, as soon as I saw it was on the list of venues.

"I really was was trilled. I definitely have a soft spot for the Wyvern. Love the crew, really well run theatre, there isn’t a bad seat, in the house. I love it there."

"I enjoy performing on stage because its' the instant feedback, when I’ve been there doing pantos there are certain lines we’re waiting for the laughs, and there's some dark humour in 'Looking Good Dead' that's the same

"The other thing we’re waiting for is gasps from the audience."

"But more importantly, venues like the Wyvern need your support. If people don't return to the theatres, cinemas, restaurants etc, they'll close.

"Arts and hospitality had the, biggest kicking of the lot. Come and have a night out and enjoy yourselves, you don’t know how much you’ve missed it."

Looking Good Dead is at the Wyvern until September 25.