More roadworks are coming to a major route in Swindon.

But this time it could be good news for motorists.

Swindon Borough Council's highways department has announced that work will start in October on Vicarage Road in Rodbourne Cheney - and the project includes resurfacing the St Mary's roundabout at the road’s junction with Akers Way, Rodbourne Cheney Road and Beech Avenue.

An email to councillors sent yesterday said: "The purpose of the scheme is to replace the deteriorating surface of the road in order to increase the life span of the carriageway and to provide a safer and better running surface for road users."

The news comes just days before Will Stone is due to speak to councillors about his petition which asked them to accelerate work on the roundabout itself.

He said: "This is fantastic news. It's great for the residents that they have made their voice heard, and fair play to the council for listening.

"It should probably have done something about this before this but any time is better than no time."

Although the council's Conservative cabinet approved plans to do work on Vicarage Road in June before Mr Stone launched his petition, it is not entirely clear from the documents available whether the surface of the road round the roundabout was included in that the work note says the road would be repaired from the roundabout to Cheney manor Road

Now they have been ward councillors are pleased. Labour member Jim Grant, who helped with Mr Stone's petition said: "This is great news, and is an example of residents and their representatives working together to improve things for everybody."

Conservative councillor Sudha Sri Nukana said: "I am absolutely delighted the works to improve Vicarage Road and St Mary's roundabout will starts. As a new councillor one of my biggest commitment was to push for a number of improvements to our roads in and around Rodbourne. I had a meeting with the cabinet member and gave him a rundown of all the areas that need to be made safer and better. The subsequent petition by residents helped to ensure this work is prioritised and I am grateful to everyone who signed it."

The work will take place in two parts. The first for one week from Monday October 11 will see Vicarage Road repaired. The road will not be closed, but traffic lights will be used for a stop-go system.

The roundabout resurfacing will start on October 18 for two weeks and the junction will be closed.

A diversion will be posted - traffic which would head west on Akers Way from the junction should head east on Beech Avenue to Pinehurst, and turn back on to Whitworth Road and Moredon Road until meeting Akers way at its junction with Purton Road.

Traffic which would go east on Beech Avenue should ten west from Rodbourne Road and go though Cheney Manor Industrial east before heading east on Moredon Road and Whitworth Road.