A mischievous moggy interrupted Swindon Police’s traffic outreach visit to Haydonleigh Primary School – leading to an unexpected pet rescue for the force. 

“Today we conducted Paw Patrols with the Haydonleigh Primary School Black Cat mascot.” said Swindon Police on social media.

“The patrols ended up turning into a real life pet rescue.

“PCSOs Lee Hare and Jo Cross enjoyed some back-up this morning from the fury feline mascot, ensuring the road was safe and welcoming the children at the start of a new day. 

“Although a second, real life, feline wanted to, and did, steal the limelight.

“It turned out Mallet had travelled over a mile to grab as much attention as possible from the kids and even tried to sneak into the school itself. This was much to his owners concern who thought he stayed local, so he was safely given a ride home in a police vehicle. “

Mallet’s owner Kelly Jane Richman found the situation amusing

She said: “For those of you who are becoming familiar with the mischief and adventures my cat likes to get up to.

“I had a call this morning from the police to say he was at Haydonleigh School and was trying to assist them in their traffic patrol work! 

“They kindly drove him home and is now being given a stern telling off!”