A parent has praised a primary school that was recently embroiled in a row over gender-neutral toilets for accommodating his daughter.

The dad of a pupil who identifies as a girl said he was ‘gutted’ when he read negative comments made by parents complaining about Moredon Primary School’s decision to introduce gender-neutral toilets.

Will, whose name has been anonymised, went to the school earlier this year to ask if his child could use the girls’ toilets and wear the girls’ uniform after his seven-year-old told him she wanted people to call her a girl. 

The school was recently forced into a U-turn after it faced backlash from dozens of parents. 

The bathrooms were opened to all children regardless of gender but the school had not modified them so girls could use bathrooms with urinals.

Will said: “The headmistress Anna Willcox is such a wonderful human being. 

“She’s bent over backwards to help my child and words can’t express how grateful my family and I are for making my daughter feel included.

“I can understand parents kicking off if my biological boy is using the girls’ toilets but I thought gender-neutral toilets were a good solution.

“I used to be ignorant to all this but it took a baby to educate me.

“Why do people have such strong opinions about this? If they came and met my daughter, she would educate them.”

The change lasted two days before Ms Willcox announced a policy adjustment due to parent feedback. The school now provides both unisex and single sex toilets for children.

Earlier this month, one mother said: “It makes kids think it’s normal to be sharing toilets with other sexes but when you go out, you can’t do that.”

Another added: “It was the thin end of a wedge from a head teacher that overstepped her remit – who knows what her next wacky ideas might have been if the parents hadn’t stood up to her...well done to those parents. 

“For the headteacher – just do your job. Educate and socialise and keep the kids safe.

“Keep your ideas to yourself – the majority of people don’t want to know.”

Will explained that one of his children had always identified as a girl and that she is happier than ever since the toilet changes.

He said: “I did battle it all for a couple of years because I’m a bit of a geezer.

“But it’s always been this way. I used to buy her a toy car and she would cry because she wanted a doll.

“My other child has always gravitated towards football and cars but she liked dolls and toy make-up.

“She used to go to school dressed as a boy but as soon as she got there she would go in the dressing up box and put a dress on.

“She’s the happiest girl you’ve seen now that she’s made to feel like a girl.”

One of the main concerns raised by other Moredon parents about the school’s policy change was the lack of consultation. 

But he thinks that the school was trying to protect his daughter from exposure.

He added: “Why do the parents care? It’s toilets and times have changed. The headteacher puts all the kids in the school first. 

“There’s nothing special about my kid or my family and she would do anything for those kids so it’s unfair that people are targeting her.”

Moredon Primary School was approached for comment. In a previous statement Ms Willcox said: “We now have both unisex and single sex toilets in school.

"As a school, we will continue to strive for an equitable provision that allows for freedom of choice whilst maintaining and respecting individual privacy.”