Looking Good Dead is currently on at the Wyvern Theatre starring soap stalwarts Adam Woodyatt and Gaynor Faye and it's an intriguing and taut stage thriller with a funny side. 

I spoke to Adam Woodyatt before seeing the Eastenders star appear in the Peter James stage adaption of crime novel and he joked "Don't think about the plot too much."

This kind of wry self-depreciating humour is prevalent throughout the melodramatic and exciting story as the 'shocking' twists and turns are revealed. 

The audience, including myself, were either gasping at these reveals or laughing at the absurdity of them. But either way a good time was being had. 

The story centred around embattled father Tom Bryce, played be a perfectly cast Woodyatt and his good samaritan act of keeping a memory stick he found on a train inadvertently putting himself and his family in danger. 

But as is typically the case with these stories, things aren't quite as they seem for Bryce and his wife Kellie (played by Gaynor Fate) and their son Max (Wild at Heart's Luke Ward-Wilkinson)

The performances were all spot-on, if not tonally a little varied, and worked perfectly with the script adaptation staging to create a show that rollicks along and doesn't leave a moment wasted onstage. 

If you're a crime thriller enthusiast, particulalry if you're someone who enjoys the self-referential humour found in shows like Midsummer Murders, you'll have a great time here. 

But aside from that, anyone looking to have a good ight out with something different won't go wrong with this.

Looking Good Dead will be at the Wyvern until Saturday.