A NEW shop in Greenbridge helped people through the pandemic by offering brand-name products in bulk at bargain prices.

Lee Glover and Ben Blackmore opened Better Bargains in the Ergo Business Park off Kelvin Road just as the coronavirus first hit the UK.

Despite this challenging time, they managed to keep the new venture afloat by using the experience of running his previous business the Smoke Station in Gorse Hill and with a lot of support from happy customers. In fact, the shop proved so popular that he had to move it to a larger unit and may have to again to keep up with demand.

Terri Brewer worked with Lee at the Smoke Station and continued on at Better Bargains. She said: “He wanted to give people good products at cheaper prices.

“I think it came about at just the right time because it helped people through lockdown, when they had to self-isolate or support a big family or had lost their job and just could not afford much.

“There was not much on the shelves in other shops so this one came in handy for people and a lot of shoppers came here.

“It’s all clearance stuff that’s approaching its best-before date which is still safe to eat. We grew from a little tiny shop around the other side to this other one because business was doing so well.”

Call 01793 977762 or visit betterbargainsswindon.com