A DISGUSTED homeowner has been left with raw sewage leaking into his back garden for days on two separate occasions this month.

And Shaun Herbert, who lives in Windrush, Highworth, says he’s still waiting for the month-long issue to be fully resolved. 

He spotted human excrement and nappies coming spewing from a drain in his back garden on September 2 and says he reported the issue to Thames Water the same day.

Shaun said: "I was told it would be 48 hours from my report that someone would attend.”

“I had to ring on Saturday to chase it, as no-one had been yet, I was told someone would be there that day, but no-one came.”

The leak into Shaun’s garden continued for six days with and he says he had to call Thames Water repeatedly for an update on when he could expect a worker to resolve the issue. 

He said: “I had to call and chase every day until eventually engineers attended on September 7 and unblocked the sewer, which doesn’t even connect to my property.”
But this wasn’t the end of the problem as the sewer became blocked again and started overflowing on September 20. 

“I reported this to Thames Water again," Shaun said. "There must be a problem with there sewer as it blocked and overflowed about a year ago,

“The smell alone has been horrendous, and it’s been a nightmare trying to stop the pets from running through it and treading it all through the house.”

An engineer did attend on September 20 and stopped the leak into Shaun’s garden, but he is now waiting for someone to repair the brickwork around the manhole cover. 

“I’m very disappointed in the response times and service from Thames Water," he said. 

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We understand sewer flooding is unpleasant and we’re sorry we were not able to respond to the flooding in Mr Herbert’s garden as quickly as we normally would.

“Our engineers found the sewer had been blocked by a horrible mix of fats, oils and greases and wet wipes. 

"We sent a team to clear this blockage and also clean up the area affected by the flooding.

“We received reports of another blockage in Mr Herbert’s garden and are organising for the sewer to be thoroughly cleaned. 

"We’ll then use cameras to ensure the pipe is running smoothly.”