SUAVE super-spy James Bond has strong links to the Swindon area.

Fans of the fictional MI6 agent know that author Ian Fleming lived on the Warneford Place estate in the small village of Sevenhampton on the borough's outskirts after completing the Bond novels.

He wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while at the grand property and is buried in the graveyard of St James' Church next door.

Vandals stole a slate plaque bearing his name from the grave in 2020 but Mr Fleming's stepdaughter Fionn Morgan unveiled a new, more securely-fixed plaque made by Fergus Wessell for the memorial in July this year.

At the re-dedication ceremony, Lou Haynes - one of the trio of people who look after the church - told the Adver that a lot of fans visit Mr Fleming's grave, especially when there's a new film out or a new actor steps into the role.

The Goldfinger pub in Highworth is named after the Bond book and was opened by his widow Ann.

Swindon briefly appeared in two Bond films. In 1984, Sir Roger Moore filmed part of A View to A Kill inside the former Renault parts depot in West Swindon. The site doubled as a warehouse used for nefarious purposes beneath the stables of a French chateau.

In 1999, Pierce Brosnan visited Groundwell, which became a Turkish oil refinery for a scene in The World is Not Enough.