Last weekend saw queues snaking out of petrol station forecourts as people frantically rushed to fill up their vehicles.

This weekend the situation appeared calmer, although several forecourts were closed because they had run out of fuel. 

People in Swindon queued for hours to fill up tanks and jerry cans after news broke petrol giant BP had told the Government it was rationing fuel supplies to stations because of the HGV driver shortage.

U.K. retailer Halfords said the sale of jerry cans — which many motorists use to tore fuel — increased by 1,656 per cent over the weekend.                  

The surge in demand led to the price of a litre of unleaded fuel going up by a penny since Friday, according to the RAC

The stockpiling of petrol and diesel led to forecourts running completely empty of supplies. Some petrol chains started rationing the amount of fuel motorists could buy. 

Swindon Advertiser: Esso Garage on Fleming Way has a fuel capEsso Garage on Fleming Way has a fuel cap

Today the Esso garage on Fleming Way did have fuel, although it was out of unleaded petrol. Despite being in a prominent town centre location with a lot of passing cars there was no queue. 

But the fallout is evident as some petrol stations still stand empty, with both the the BP garage on Marlborough Road and the BP garage on Queen's Drive completely out of supplies.