THEATREGOERS felt unsafe after fellow audience members at the Wyvern Theatre refused to wear face masks while watching a performance of Looking Good Dead.

Wearing a face covering indoors is no longer a legal requirement but it is advised to do so as an extra precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Staff wore masks and tannoy announcements asked guests to wear them unless eating or drinking in the auditorium.

Social distancing is advised but, again, no longer legally required - and this made some patrons feel uncomfortable.

Adver readers had mixed views on whether face masks should still be required at shows.

Linda Noakes: “We went to see the same play. It is not a legal requirement to wear a mask.

"It’s a personal choice, same as when you go shopping If they felt that uncomfortable, why didn’t they leave?

"The theatre wasn’t full, I felt perfectly fine and respect its personal choice to wear a mask or not.”

Emma Riddle: “I went to see Rumours of Fleetwood Mac last week which was a sold out show.

“I was one of maybe a handful of people wearing a face mask.

"I appreciate it’s not a legal requirement any more but our local health services are struggling to cope, why wouldn’t you do whatever you can to minimise risk to yourself and others?”

Midge Gibbs: “My friend was there too, and he wore a face mask throughout. He said it was a great show.”

Karen Adolpho-Bagley: “Went to Bristol to see Beauty and the Beast.

"Despite tannoy calls being constantly put out to ask people to keep them on, once people sat in their seat they seem to just take them off.”

Louise Ricobi: “I went to watch Grease at Bristol Hippodrome.

"Noone wore them, nor should they be forced to wear them as everyone had to do a Covid test before going.”

Gary Selby: “Sick to death of still hearing about it.

"If you’re double jabbed you’ll live, if you aren’t double jabbed then on your head be it.

“Just stop going on about it. We’ll never move on, if all we do is bang on about it.”

Val Sakeside: “If anyone feels unsafe because people aren’t wearing masks anymore, then just stay at home.

“Why should people who have paid for a ticket be made to feel they should wear a mask just to appease those who do?

“It’s not compulsory anymore. So go out, wear a mask if you want to, but don’t whinge and whine because others don’t want to.”

Stuart Mannings: “If you are that worried, don’t go out. Problem solved.”

Samantha Wathen: “The selfish attitudes displayed here by so many people are deeply disappointing.

"Why should people go home if they don’t like it?

“They’ve paid for a ticket and have a right to be there like everyone else.

" Yes, it’s no longer a government requirement, but that’s because the government are inept - it’s a requirement in other UK countries.

“Contrary to popular opinion, Covid hasn’t magically disappeared.

"In fact, cases of infection are higher in the UK than in many other countries.

“Yes, the vaccine is extremely beneficial in stopping death or serious illness, but it’s not foolproof.

"Wearing a mask is not a huge imposition, and it helps protect both yourself and others.

“It also reduces the chance of the NHS having to deal with extra cases of Covid when it’s already stretched to its limit. None of this should need saying.

“This is not the flu. The flu doesn’t kill otherwise completely healthy young people.”