DISGUSTED neighbours in Rodbourne are kicking up a stink after being left with raw sewage flowing through an open hole in their street for weeks. 

Andrew Witts has lost patience after digging took place on September 8 before the hole was left by workmen a few days later – blocking the driveway at his Hawkins Street home. 

Thames Water was carrying out repair works to a pipe in the street after there had been several issues with blocked drains in the area. But after removing a section of the pipe workers left without replacing it or filling the hole. 

This left 60-year-old Andrew having to contend with the sight – and stench – of raw sewage flowing into the uncovered hole directly outside his home for weeks. 

He said: “I wasn’t sure what was going on as they’d removed a section of the pipe but they haven’t replaced it and it has been like that ever since.”

“I queried it and Thames Water said their permit to work had run out and they needed to get a new one to continue, but weeks later it’s still the same.

“They haven’t been returning my calls, I’ve no idea what’s happening and I’m annoyed it’s been left like this for so long. 

“Three or so days would’ve been fine but a whole month with that outside the house is too much.”

Another householder who lives in the street added: “It’s vile during hot weather and during heavy rain the levels are rising.

“It’s a health and safety risk, Thames Water and the council don’t seem to care.

“It’s only a small street and many residents feel very strongly about it.”

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We understand how unpleasant this must be and we’re sorry we’ve not been able to complete the repair in front of Mr Witts’ house as quickly as we normally would.

“While we were investigating reports of blocked drains, we found a gas pipe running through a sewer, and so we need the gas company to move their pipe before we can complete our work and fill in the hole.

“This delay has put our work on hold. 

“We’ve since boarded over the hole and we’re in contact with the gas company to arrange a site visit and move the gas pipe as soon as possible.”

Andrew said: “I just want to know when it will be fixed because it’s affected me a lot, not being able to park my car in my driveway and waking up to a build-up of sewage in the open hole every morning."