TURKEYS are selling faster than usual in Swindon amid fears of stock shortages.

Major suppliers have warned of possible disruption this Christmas due to a lack of available staff but smaller independent turkey farmers are not expecting any issues.

Chris Rummings runs Lydiard Turkeys in Swindon and looks after 600 of the wild birds.

He told BBC Wiltshire: "My turkeys have a really good long free-range life on the farm, they are with us from middle of summer to December.

"Last year was pretty different but this year has been phenomenal. We've sold half our turkeys so far.

"We started selling on October 1 as normal and it's usually fairly steady but this year, people were getting in touch before we even had the website ready.

"We've only got as many turkeys as we have so whether we sell them over the course of three months or all in one week makes no financial difference to me.

"We knew the country is going to be short of turkeys this year and we looked at our pricing and thought we would put them up with inflation, with how our costs have gone up, but not capitalise on this and make any extra money.

"We could have charged significantly more but we will be fair because we know we're going to sell them.

"Everyone's experiencing the same strong sales, so people are cheerful and confident that the turkeys will sell.

"Most small producers are OK for labour as they're using local staff but the main problem is for big suppliers who need a lot of foreign labour, they're the ones who will be really struggling this Christmas.