Keen darts players will be celebrating that a popular club's application to extend its licence has hit the mark.

Haydon Wick Club's wish to be able to open and sell alcohol from 10am to midnight on Sundays and extend its hours on Friday and Saturdays to 1am has been approved by Swindon Borough Council's licensing panel, despite objections from five people living nearby.

The application was presented by the recently retired club secretary Tony Matthews flanked by president Iain Basson and treasurer Julian Parsons.

Mr Matthews explained the application was primarily to be able to open the bar when the club hosts darts matches involving the Wiltshire Darts Organisations.

He said: "Events start at 10 in the morning, and we'd like to open the bar from then for the teams and spectators."

Mr Matthews said the club had lowered the stage in the main room specially for the darts players and asked how many people attended the events he said it was normally between 80 to 100 people, both players and spectators. He added the room holds 140 people seated at tables and up to 200 in different set ups.

The panel had taken note of objections from people living nearby to the extension of the licence until on Friday and Saturdays.

One said: "This is a highly residential area and is not acceptable due to close proximity to homes and also residential care home . There is already anti-social behaviour following large functions: urinating by gates, leaving glasses and bottles , rowdiness and increase in traffic. The siting of this club is not conducive to any later social activity."

Another added: "Our house is very close to the club so we often hear the music, which is fine on a Friday night and Sat night until midnight, but I wouldn't want that extended to cover the whole week or until 1am the following day. As it is we often hear shouting and excessive noise as a result of late-night drinking sessions."

Questioned by the panel Mr Matthews and his colleagues said they did not want to have music events other than on Saturday night. Mr Parsons said: "We want to continue to only have entertainment on a Saturday night. We've had a band on the Saturday for decades and we used to have solo acts or duos on Fridays but have stopped that.

"We get people who come to have a drink on a weeknight, but they don't want live music then, and we don't want to put it on, other than if Christmas Eve is on a weeknight."

The application was approved.