A Swindon driver has been left furious after what he believes was a deliberate attempt to throw a ketchup packet at his moving car, 

A video shows Taylor driving along Foxham Way when an oncoming contractors vehicle passes and throws the ketchup packet at his windscreen. 

The packet explodes covering the windscreen in a startling moment. 

The 23-year-old was angry as he felt the behaviour was reckless and could've caused an accident. 

"I was travelling home from work down Foxham Way when an oncoming truck threw a sealed McDonalds ketchup packet out of their window, targeting my car windscreen.

"I was disgusted as it's damaging to the environment & also could have caused a serious accident if I was to be a vulnerable person."

"You can see them in the video both looking to see the impact, it's childish and disgusting behaviour which shouldn't be tolerated.

"Hopefully they realise their actions and don't do it again."