NINE-YEAR-OLD Alan Basheer will appear on our TV this weekend starring in an episode of a Channel 5 show that celebrates children’s passions.

Alan Basheer, who lives with his parents and brother in Swindon, will showcase his drumming expertise on Channel 5’s new show Meet The Experts at 9am tomorrow.

In the programme, Alan teaches presenter Sam Bruce about his drumkit and rehearses with his brother Adel, who plays the piano.

Alan is given a challenge to play the Meet The Experts theme tune at Town Gardens bandstand with David Ribi from Milkshake! And at the end of the show, he is officially awarded his 'expert' badge.

Alan, who has played the drums for three years, said: “The challenge felt like a treat for me and it was really exciting to perform on the show.

“There were loads of people watching. We’ve framed the expert badge and put it on the wall.

“The filming was really fun and I wasn’t that nervous because my mum, dad and brother were there.

“I will definitely be watching with my whole family. I’ll be there at 9am sharp!

“David told me it was so nice to play with me and that I was a good drummer.

“I had a really great day and I would just like everyone to watch the show!”

Mum Febin said: “Alan loves the limelight and he’s a born performer.

"He’s confident and so passionate about the drums so we thought this was an ideal opportunity for him. We were absolutely thrilled.

“When he was little, he used to be tapping the beats of the rhythm with wooden spoons or whatever he could find.”

Alan discovered his passion for the drums because he listened to music with his older brother Adel. While Adel likes singing and piano, Alan would always focus on the drummer in music videos.

Alan and Adel have formed a band and practice together every weekend. They post their music to their own YouTube channel.

Alan developed his hobby by taking drum lessons at The Alternative Drum School in Cricklade and he has performed at its annual concert.

Febin added: “He was the youngest one there and he was so tiny they had to get a special chair so he could reach the pedal.

"I could only see his head poking above the drumkit.”

When he grows up, Alan would like to be a famous drummer – like Foo Fighters and Nirvana star Dave Grohl – and he hopes to do more television work in the future.