SWINDONIANS may be well used to navigating the Magic Roundabout but it seems the town's famous landmark is striking fear into the hearts of drivers thousands of miles away.

Ethan Taylor, who has a YouTube channel called Mid-West Americans, is among them,

The Kansas man uses the platform to provide a mid-western American standpoint on a variety of things from around the world and has had his say on the Magic Roundabout.

He said: “When I first saw it, I thought it was the most insane road engineering I had ever seen, especially with the two directional traffic inside of it.”

In the video Ethan introduces the topic in his intro and says: "Once I saw the thumbnail I thought I’ve got to check this out because this looks really crazy, you have this insane roundabout somewhere in England."

He watches a Wired video piece on the seven-roundabout structure and can be seen shaking his head at disbelief before being won over.

He said: “I came in wanting to hate it. When I saw the picture I was like ‘this is going to suck’ and ‘this is stupid’ but actually after watching how traffic goes through, I don’t hate it.”

But he added: “I do not think that I would be comfortable enough to drive it by myself the first time. 

“I would want to see how it is done in person but along with you guys driving on the left there, I definitely wouldn’t think that I could drive it – at least not at first.”

“The reaction to the video was positive. Most people were glad and surprised when they saw that I had done it. 

“A lot of people from Swindon commented on it. The responses from people who actually have driven through it were mixed, some said it was very easy to drive, others said it was a nightmare.”

It isn’t the first time the Magic Roundabout has been thrust into the social media spotlight worldwide.

A video on TikTok by user Spaceboimatty reacting negatively to the roundabout with song lyrics that say 'Please kill me, I'm serious' has garnered a whopping 1.8million views. 

This year a Reddit thread went viral after a picture of an aerial view of the roundabout was posted leaving people 'shook'.

A poster to the UK Casual Reddit page posted an aerial picture saying: “Noticed a lot of Americans on here recently, so thought I’d drop this to spook them.”

Naturally people reacted strongly.

One said: “My dad used to work for an American company in Swindon, he said they once had some Americans come over that drove from the airport. When they got to the Magic Roundabout they called his office and asked someone to come and get them.”

One US respondent had a plan to avoid the issue of the central anti-clockwise island.

They said: “I am American and I am shook. But why would you even enter the middle roundabout at all? Can you not just go around the perimeter to your exit? I’m so confused.”