There's definitely a spine-chilling breeze in the air and it's not just because it's almost Halloween.  

The Met Office has issued its forecast for this spooky Saturday and Sunday. 

And it looks like trick or treaters will need to wrap up warm or at least parents will need to bring a coat so we don't ruin those creepy costumes.

Whether you've had your costume picked out for weeks or you're still looking for a bargain, here's the weather you can expect whatever you have planned this Halloween.


What's the weather going to be like in Wiltshire this Halloween?



Saturday is the drier day in Swindon this weekend with the town seeing highs of 13 degrees and lows of 9

Heavy showers in the morning will change to sunny intervals by the early afternoon.

Trick or treaters will be delighted to hear that although it might be cloudy, there is little chance of rain.

On Halloween itself, there will be light rain in the morning which will get heavier as the day progresses. 

By the evening, this will turn to thundershowers and although it might say it's 8 degrees, it will feel like 5 so wrap up warm!


Tidworth will see heavy rain on Saturday morning but this should change to sunny intervals by lunchtime.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 13 degrees with lows of 8.

It will be cloudy but dry in the evening with little chance of rain.

Looking at Sunday, the picture is similar with the day starting out with light showers. 

We should see highs of 13 and lows of 8 degrees again. 

It will be partly cloudy from the early evening onwards with the sun setting around 4.43 pm.


Although Saturday starts out raining, the light showers should break by 10 am.

Trowbridge will see temperatures rise to highs of 14 degrees into the afternoon with the temperature dropping to 10 degrees in the evening.

On Sunday, there is once again a high chance of rain in the morning.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 13 by the afternoon and it is unlikely to rain into the evening.


Salisbury will see the day starting out with thundering showers but don't worry this should clear by mid-morning.

We can expect highs of 14 degrees towards the afternoon with the sun setting at 5.45 pm.

There is little chance of rain into the evening and although temperatures aren't expected to fall below 10 degrees, it may feel colder so trick or treaters should beware.

Looking to Halloween itself, there is a chance of light showers from the morning into the afternoon. 

But these showers do look set to break around lunchtime into some sunny spells. 

It will also be a clear but chilly evening with temperatures feeling like 7 degrees rather than expected lows of 9.