AN OVERFLOWING bin shed in a Tadpole Garden Village housing block became a nightmare for neighbours.

One who wished to remain anonymous kicked up a stink about the mess on Chatfield after it was left to pile up for months with no-one collecting it.

Since there was no room left in the refuse containers, people dumped bags of waste on the floor along with large objects which should have been taken to the tip.

The neighbour did not know who was responsible for tidying the area as she struggled to get answers from her housing association Sovereign and from the waste collection team at Swindon Borough Council.

She told the Adver: “It’s disgusting that it’s been left to get this bad. The waste collectors won’t take away the rubbish because it’s been left on the floor, but there’s nowhere else to put the bags because the bin shed has not been emptied for months.

“I’ve lived here more than a year and the shed’s only been emptied a few times, and one of those only happened because I complained to Sovereign and threatened to go to the Adver .

“They said it was nothing to do with them and said I should tell the council so this time, I went straight to the borough but my case was closed because of the waste on the floor.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We have worked with the housing company to clear away all the rubbish from the bin store.

“Unfortunately, some residents are repeatedly using the bin store to dispose of bulky waste items and leave rubbish on the floor, resulting in the bins not being collected by our teams.

“We have spoken to the housing company about this and would urge all residents with bulky waste items to take them to our Household Waste Recycling Centre in Cheney Manor industrial estate or to book a bulky waste collection at

“If the bins are full when residents go to dispose of their rubbish, then we would ask them to please keep it at home until the bins are empty or take it to the HWRC.”

Sovereign Housing services manager Kate Rees said: “We’ve been made aware of overflowing rubbish in the bin stores at Chatfield which prevented refuse collection.

“We know the bin store is a particular concern for residents so we’re exploring the options that will help prevent this recurring such as making the bin store more secure.”

The neighbour added: “Finally having the bin shed emptied is great but I don’t think a regular collection will be put in place and this will probably happen again.”