A SWINDON business which installs electric vehicle chargers pledged to reduce its carbon footprint through a new partnership with Planet Mark.

This could be a big challenge for Sinewave as much of its fleet is made up of vans which require heavy load and towing capability over long distances.

The company has committed to reduce its footprint by at least 10 per cent yearly with plans to be carbon neutral by 2026 and net zero by 2030.

Founder and CEO Adam Woodley said: "It’s always been my ambition to have Sinewave give back. We want to be a power for good.

"This year, we worked hard on this with our team remapping our culture, investing more in benefits and perks to create what we hope is first class working environment.

"In parallel, we have been working on the next step - our carbon footprint. For the past six months, we have been gathering data from all areas of our business to establish our existing footprint which we will publish.

“We want to do this right. We will use an external body to measure our footprint and hold us to account every year, with quarterly reviews internally and share our results online.

"Planet Mark was appointed to support us on this journey and empower us to build a sustainable, brighter future for us and our planet."

Planet Mark works with hundreds of household names and came to Swindon during their carbon battle bus tour of the UK which is leading to Glasgow for COP26, which started yesterday.

Sinewave announced additional perks to their staff which included enhanced car allowances and salary sacrifice options should employees opt into a company electric car to start this process.

Planet Mark's founder and CEO Steve Malkin said: “It is great to see Sinewave join our community. As a team working towards powering the future of EV charging, providing services to residential and commercial sites and powering the renewable energy sector, I am delighted to see their rigorous approach to tackling their own carbon emissions.

"We have seen first-hand on the Zero Carbon Tour, in our fully electric coach, the challenges of the EV charging infrastructure but have also seen the innovative solutions being rolled out across the UK, which gives us great hope. More companies and sectors working to reduce our collective carbon footprint will overcome the challenges we face to ensure a de-carbonised future.

"I’m delighted with the progress Sinewave have made to date and look forward to even more success in the following years.”