A MUM and her daughter created a variety of colourful pumpkins as part of their Halloween family tradition.

Instead of carving faces and designs into the seasonal squashes, Debbie Weston and her little girl Eva in West Swindon use acrylic paints to transform them into eyeballs, Mr Men, Minions and hamburgers.

They picked the pumpkins from Lotmead Farm then had a fun weekend coming up with ideas for decoration and getting to work on the orange vegetables.

Debbie said: "We try to up our game each year, so next year is going to be quite difficult!

"Carving is fun but you are limited with what you can carve with a three-year-old, and Eva likes facepainting, so we started painting pumpkins instead.

"It's much easier and less messy. She starts them off and I do the little details.

"I shared the photos online and got so many likes, it was lovely. I was overwhelmed with all the positive comments - people like the hamburger the best - and some said they would try this with their children.

"The first year was Peppa Pig themed and this time was about books she reads, like the Mr Men.

"My parents did lots of Halloween decorations when I was younger - and still do a really good job now - so I wanted to carry that on."

The prized pumpkins proudly went on display in the Westons' kitchen windows and out by their front door when the weather was good.