CROWDYS' Hill students need world of work opportunities and are asking businesses to help provide them.

The school for young people with special educational needs is appealing for new work experience placements within Swindon companies for its older students.

A spokesman said: "Preparation for adulthood is essential for all young people. Our ethos is 'Learning for Life' and at the heart of this is preparing our students to become young adults who are able to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to the workplace and society as a whole.

"Our students are renowned for their positive attitudes, resilience and ability to overcome adversity."

The school added a sixth form five years ago but the pandemic caused many links between the older year groups and nearby employers to weaken or break.

The spokesman added: "We want all of our students to have the opportunity to experience valuable work experience and work placements to enable them to explore job opportunities. All of our students aspire to achieve their dreams and we want to support them to reach their potential.

"Our students have so many skills to offer and a real enthusiasm for learning new ones, they have real potential to become excellent employees and just need these initial opportunities to display their worth."

Businesses can email