Swindon’s Bus Company is launching a new campaign to encourage people to use public transport instead of cars.

The town's bus operator is seeing a slow but steady increase in the number of passengers travelling on its buses after pandemic restrictions ended and the fuel crisis happened.

Now it wants to continue the momentum and reduce harmful carbon emissions in and around Swindon.

For example, taking the bus from Fleming Way to the Orbital Shopping Park would save 1,115g of CO2 compared to driving.

Nikki Honer from Swindon Bus Company said: “Throughout the pandemic, we continued to transport key workers across the town, to ensure they could carry out their vital roles at hospitals, GP surgeries, supermarkets and so on. Sadly, though, government guidelines scared some away from using buses and they returned to their cars. Now it’s time to reconsider.

“Taking the bus should be first choice, just like taking a re-usable bag to the supermarket is. Taking your car out for a short trip when you live on a regular bus route should be socially unacceptable.

“Wherever you wish to travel, we ask you to ‘Think Bus’ to reduce your carbon footprint - whether you’re commuting, socialising, studying, or going out for the day. Our journey planners, via our website app, show you how much Co2 you can save when compared to driving.

"Sustainable transport can provide the perfect and affordable solution to reducing air pollution here - whatever your reason to travel.”

For more information about Swindon’s Bus Company, please visit swindonbus.co.uk