We're on the lookout for a court and crime specialist to take our news coverage in Wiltshire to the next level.

Tom Seaward held the role for two years, writing for the Swindon Advertiser, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire Times.

Here he explains why it's the best job in the newsroom...

"No two days are the same covering the court and crime beat in Swindon and Wiltshire.

"You could be reporting on anything from murder or an armed stand-off to the fall-out from a Russian spy attack. 

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"Swindon’s crown and magistrates’ courts are an excellent place to develop your reporting skills, with a wide variety of cases and the chance to put into practice what you’ve learned about reporting restrictions. 

"I covered everything from murder cases to a football club ownership dispute that ended up in the high court.

"It’s a busy county for crime. Swindon’s location on the main route west out of London has made it a key target for big city drug gangs. The town has also hit headlines as a meeting place for far right terror group National Action.

"Swindon’s probably one of the most affordable towns in the south of England, making it a good place to live. 

"If you’re looking for a first job covering court and crime, Wiltshire’s a good place to start."

For more details about the job or to apply, email Daniel Chipperfield at daniel.chipperfield@newsquest.co.uk