12 disabled workers possibly facing the axe from a council-run business have been surprised by news a decision is coming within weeks.

Staff at Enterprise Works were told in a meeting last month that after a lengthy consultation process a decision couldn't be reached, so their fate would be decided by a council Cabinet meeting likely to be in the new year.

But, employees were shocked to receive a letter from Amanda Du Cros, head of commissioning health and care on November 10, informing them that the decision had already gone to Cabinet in February.

It is now understood from the letter that a Cabinet decision note will authorise Councillor Brian Ford, who is the cabinet member for adults and health, to decommission the assembly and sign making departments of Enterprise Works and deliver the next stage of the consultation process for the staff who are affected by the decision.

This would mean that the job loss process that started at the end of July could end by the end of November.

Employees and their families who welcomed the upcoming Cabinet meeting say they've been left shocked and confused by this latest twist in the ongoing saga

"Christine still doesn't understand it all,"said Terry Davis, who has been campaigning to save his 44-year-old daughter's job.

"She opened the letter looked at it and said 'I don't know what this is can you read it.'

"She still doesn't understand what is happening as I had already explained to her after the last meeting that she could forget all about it until after Christmas.

"Once again it shows they have no duty of care or compassion with the people they are dealing with."

Councillor Brian Ford said: “We are working to try and make sure staff in the two affected departments are redeployed to other areas of Enterprise Works and across the Council.

“We are still committed to making the business successful and sustainable so it continues to provide, not only a place of work, but also as a hub for social interaction, friendship and advice that allows all those working there to live an independent life.

“The decision to close the assembly and sign-making lines is currently progressing through a cabinet members decision note and will ensure that we can conclude this matter and start the formal redeployment process to enable employees to know their future options as soon as possible.