All over Swindon adorable knitted decorations have been appearing on top of postboxes.

This is widely known as yarn bombing and many in the town have enjoyed seeing the urban knitting displays pop up in streets near them.

Usually no-one knows who is behind the woolly adornments, but one of the mysterious figures behind some of the more popular yarn-bomb displays has been revealed as 31-year-old woman from Park North.

Hannah Baldwin moved to Swindon over two year's ago and has started guerilla knitting.

"I have been crocheting for around 10 years and I started when I was in a rubbish relationship and needed a kind of escape," she said.

"So I started to crochet for my children and also family and friends.

"I love to crochet to help people who cannot find toys or things out there that they want.

"I have a few friends who have special needs children and one of my own children is autistic. They have a lot of special interests and sometimes finding items they like can be hard.

"So they ask me to crochet the items and the kids love them. I love to put smiles on faces."

Hannah discovered the art of postbox topping when she joined the Facebook group 'Random Acts of Crochet Kindness' and got inspired to make her own.

Her first was Peter Rabbit themed which she put in Park North.

"After my first one I was hooked and loved making them," said Hannah.

She has since made three more - a Halloween one which is on Marlborough Road, a Disney Tsum Tsum one that was on Kingswood Avenue, but has since gone missing, and a Remembrance memorial one in Wroughton.

Hannah was happy to remain hidden but after one went missing, and a couple of the others were tampered with, she revealed herself to ask people to stop.

"At first I didn't post about them. It was only when the one was stolen from Kingswood avenue I posted my pictures if them. Before I just let people enjoy them."

This almost led to Hannah quitting altogether, but after revealing herself she received a huge amount of support from locals.

"I was really overwhelmed to receive the lovely comments I did. I honestly didn't think so many people had see and liked the toppers. Really made my day to know they put a smile on so many peoples faces."

"I like the fact yarn bombing makes people smile," she concluded.