SOME Swindon roads have seen several serious crashes in the last year.

Readers highlighted the Kingsdown Road crossing, Queens Drive, the A419 and Akers Way as accident black spots.

An 11-year-old boy suffered minor injuries near the Kingsdown Road and Beechcroft Road junction in October, and an 11-year-old girl was taken to hospital after an accident in the same place in March.

Mick Dooley added: "Kingsdown Road has a 30mph limit. There has been at least two fatalities to my knowledge and numerous near misses. In my opinion, SBC should put road calming in place along the residential area."

A crossing on Queens Drive has seen five people injured by passing traffic within the space of a few weeks - three girls aged 12-to-14 were hit by a car last Tuesday and two pedestrians suffered serious injuries in an accident on October 26.

There were a spate of accidents on the A419 in September - one involved three cars on September 15, a serious crash in the early hours three days later left a pedestrian fighting for his life, and two more three-car crashes followed on the 20th and 23rd.

Mark Stevens called the filter lane onto the A419 from the Dobbie's Garden Centre in Stratton "one of the most dangerous intersections in the country."

Rebecca Mellor agreed: "The sliproad out of upper Stratton is so stupid. It's not long enough and people pull out at 15mph, almost causing crashes.

Debbie Woods added: "I've been sat there five mins or more waiting to get out of there. Don't pull out unless its safe - I had a van pull out of there when a lorry was there, don't know how that lorry missed him."

Thamesdown Drive is often mentioned when the topic of dangerous roads comes up. A car blocked the road after flipping onto its roof near the Tawny Owl turn-off and traffic light in May. Firefighters freed the driver.

Sara Jeapes has seen "drivers get upset along there and want to play traffic light racing" while Gary Goodall said the route was "constantly used as a racetrack" and Annemarie Emberlin-Jones witnessed "so many people speed and jump red lights".

Hannah Brooke was "amazed there are not more accidents" on Mannington Roundabout because of "the stupid speed at which drivers hurtle towards it from Great Western Way".

Charles Gladstone pointed out that Lady Lane and Tadpole Lane "were never designed for buses and HGVs yet they still go up and down this stretch of road causing problems".

Alex Luckes dubbed Greenbridge Roundabout "a nightmare" and Adrian Colborne mentioned that "poor visibility of cars speeding from the right when emerging from Ermin Street" made the Cross Inn Crossroads risky.

Shell Barrett said Belle Vue Road was "a nightmare" because of "drivers not slowing down, speeding around the corner and not giving way to drivers coming uphill. There are near misses every day and angry drivers."