MUSIC coming from the newest addition to Regent Circus is disrupting film screenings in the cinema above it.

Cineworld customers have complained about the bass from the Battle Bar below booming through the walls and spoiling quieter scenes in movies.

The venue, which opened on October 16, plays recorded music throughout its 12pm to 12am opening hours and occasionally hosts live music events.

Its offerings of axe-throwing, shuffle-board, virtual darts, crazier golf, table tennis and beer pong along with food and drink options have proven popular.

But during the last month, cinemagoers have suddenly found the films they paid to see scuppered.

One review left on the Cineworld Regent Circus Facebook page said: “With the new Boom Battle Bar below, the movie has undertones of nightclub bass lines which is super distracting.

“Silent scenes are no longer silent and it genuinely ruins the movie as an obvious and not subtle noise. I won’t be returning anytime during the Battle Bar’s opening times.”

Another customer who did not give his name told the Adver: “It’s happened a couple of times while seeing a film with friends on a Friday evening.

“The first time I thought it was coming from the film next to ours because that happens sometimes, but it was louder and more repetitive.

“The music gets drowned out during action scenes but if there’s a quiet moment, that gets interrupted with dance music thrumming through the wall, and it’s hard to ignore.

“I’ve been to the Battle Bar and had a good time but you go for the games, not the pop music playing through the speakers, so they could afford to turn that down a little.

“You’d think they would have taken music levels and soundproofing into consideration when they set it all up, since the cinema was there first anyway.

“It has made me reconsider going to Regent Circus to see a film. If it’s a big noisy blockbuster, it wouldn’t be too bad, but for anything else, I’d go to Shaw Ridge or Empire now.”

A Cineworld spokesman said: “We are aware of the complaints and are working with Boom Bar to find a solution.”

The Adver approached Boom Battle Bar for comment but did not receive a response before deadline.