PLANS to rebuild the Oasis Leisure Centre without is iconic dome have angered campaigners.

Landlord SevenCapital released images of how a revamped facility at North Star could look but was accused of "missing the point" by the Save Oasis Swindon group.

Its members want the centre – which closed a year ago and now lies abandoned – to be reopened with the dome and lagoon pool which make it so distinctive.

The issue continues to be debated on the Adver's Facebook page and here is what you told us...

Katie Brewer: "Can campaigners please be quiet. Would much more prefer to have a basic designed building that is well built, has great internal facilities and is affordable (and energy efficient, let's not forget the environment) to run and serves a purpose, rather than arguing over it for years because there is no money to do what the campaigners want!"

Alex Taylor: "If someone is proposing to build a brand new leisure centre (dome or no dome) on that site, I don’t think we as a town are in a position to turn that down. Beggars can’t be choosers."

Emma Williams: "Campaigners are trying to ensure that we really do have leisure facilities for future generations. The new plans have no sports hall so no concert venue. Yes, the acoustics of the sports hall were not great but at least we had a venue that attracted big name bands we will no longer have that.

"Demolition of the building will emit a huge amount of carbon into the environment so people need to seriously think about that. A smaller footprint of the building will allow for more housing to be built around it.

"The survey that is attached to the new plans was undertaken in 2016 and the building was found to be structurally sound. Why should we loose another building which is of architectural significance and has been lauded as such in the Architects Journal and it can still be made energy efficient with modern facilities.

"It's just SevenCapital don't want to spend the money. It would cost at least £30 million to demolish and rebuild. It cost £5 million for a new roof at the Coral Reef in Bracknell. People need to stop believing what they are being fed."

Joe Robertson: "Some people's stupidly baffles me. The current building isn’t fit for purpose, safe or energy efficient. Hence it closed. A company is offering to renovate and reopen the site and you're moaning it won’t look the same. Unbelievable."

Paul Fallows: "It won't happen anyway."

Nicolas Gillingham: "Some people are never happy. Ungrateful. Teach them a lesson and knock the whole sorry mess down and make it a car park."

Angela Sindy Reid: "Domes are way more expensive than a standard one. Don’t complain too much and make it too different because then they will not do anything."

Deano Davis: "Screw the Oasis dome. Just be happy they will put money and modernise it it's a leisure centre that people can use again."

Susan Patterson: "My granddaughter loved swimming here. Better than a normal swimming pool' Lots to do for her slides, gushing water. Just rebuild to what it was."

Claire Park: "At the end of the day keep it/rebuild it however if no-one uses it then there will be no point. You wouldn't keep something open if it cost more then what it was making... it's just common business sense."

Nick Greenaway: "A company is willing to invest in the facility and create a new, much-needed leisure centre. Campaigners should be saying thank you!"

Emily Parkin: "If the eden project can have domed roofs for their Mediterranean biomes, that are low-energy buildings, I’m sure it’s possible to fix the Oasis roof and keep its iconic look."