FEARS have been raised over a constant stream of fast traffic at a busy Stratton junction.

The mini-roundabouts connecting Greenbridge Roundabout and Swindon Road are causing concern for one Swindon woman, who told the Adver of three near-misses in a week.

She says the incidents have left her worried about using the road again.

The story sparked a debate about the safety of the junction in question – and bad habits of drivers in the town.

Here is what you told us on the Adver's Facebook page...

James Rayner: "It's not the roads and roundabouts that poorly designed, it's the mentality of some drivers who think roads are for their use only and don't careless about everyone else using the roads. Take Thamesdown Drive, traffic lights mean be aware and prepared to slow down and stop but do they hell."

Liz Woodman: "The main problem is people not indicating. This is a regular route for us, but sometimes when the stolen across Grange Drive in a queue I will go up Swindon Road and turn right the long way round."

Helen Tate: "I use this junction almost daily. It's a horrible road layout and recently the traffic has got faster and driving more aggressive on it. I'm just waiting for an accidental to happens every time I go through there."

Lucy Middleton: "Many people are oblivious to cars turning right onto Grange Drive. Several near misses over the years. The lights coming onto the large roundabout from Swindon Road aren't synced properly and the other lights have changed three or four times before these ones change."

Alan Wilson: "Every road, roundabout, traffic light in this town are safe areas. It's the speeding motorists, those who jump red lights, those that don't adhere to the Highway Code are the problem. There isn't any road policing anymore so, motorists do what they want, when they want, when they like knowing full well they're never ever be taken to justice for their actions. It's down the police to sort this matter out. Full stop."

Dee Blockley: "Try the mini roundabout at Walsingham Road and Frobisher Drive – the one nearest Queen's Drive. It is never treated as a roundabout, just a straight road. If you're coming out of Walsingham you are chancing it every time as no one gives way to the right, let alone looks."

Jessica Bailey: "No road, junction or roundabout is dangerous until you put vehicles on it. Sadly, this day and age, drivers seem to be in too much of a rush and no one has any common courtesy any more. If people just chilled out a bit more on the roads and didn't battle each other, I'm sure traffic would flow a lot more freely."

Noddy Tracy Mackeddie: "Don't give the council any ideas or reason to do more roadworks after the massacre they've made at the Moonrakers crossroads/roundabouts. And definitely make sure they have no reason to put up traffic lights which are traffic-jam makers, whereas roundabouts work with the busyness and flow of traffic naturally. Roundabouts always better than standing still when there is no traffic at a traffic light, making pollution."

Laura English: "Yes these roundabouts are dangerous as per any roundabout but unfortunately you can’t control idiotic drivers, they will always be out there unfortunately."

Christine Card: "I think The Crown roundabout is worse! Vision is bad coming from Kingsdown direction, seen many a near miss."

Esme O'Rafferty: "Roundabouts only get confusing when you "forget" to give way to the right... it's literally the only rule."

Kirstie Diaz Benitez: "Nothing wrong with the roundabout… they aren’t dangerous. Stupid drivers and speed are."